Mission Statement: The Little Italy Property Owner’s Association (LIPOA) is dedicated to the preservation, protection, growth and general well-being of the community and its members; establishing and maintaining the best possible living conditions; and joining with other groups and/or organizations in a combined and cooperative effort to positively and effectively address and solve area problems.

Membership Eligibility: Any current resident of, or owner of property within the Boundaries of Little Italy. The boundaries of the Organization include: 200-400 blocks of Albemarle Street; 1200 block of Bank Street; 200-400 blocks of South High Street; 200-400 blocks of South Exeter Street; 800-1000 blocks of Fawn Street; 800-1000 blocks of Stiles Street; 400 block of Eden Street; 800-900 blocks of Trinity Street; 200 block of Lloyd Street; 1200 block of Gough Street; 800-1300 blocks of Eastern Avenue; 900-1000 blocks of East Pratt Street.

We welcome and encourage community engagement among all neighbors; property owners, renters & business owners alike, however only property owners are eligible for dues paying membership. For questions of about membership eligibility please contact the LIPOA Board at lipoabaltimore@gmail.com 

Annual Dues:The amount required for annual dues is Twelve Dollars ($12.00) annually. Full payment of annual dues will entitle the Resident/Property Owner to full membership privileges for one year from the date of payment.  Dues must be paid by the September meeting and, cover the period July 1st through June 30th the following year. All dues paying members must be property owners. Annual dues can be paid at public meetings (we are working on a mechanism to pay dues on this website as well). For questions of about paying dues please contact the LIPOA Board at lipoabaltimore@gmail.com